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GAP analýza pre WELL certifiká

feasibility study | GAP analysis

As part of the feasibility study, we will evaluate the extent to which the project meets the requirements for certification and where there are opportunities for improvement.
By analyzing the GAP, we evaluate the potential of the building or office and find out what certification goals could be achieved. The feasibility study includes an in-depth interview with the team leader, a site visit and a detailed report.
The analysis can map either all evaluated areas of the standard or only selected parts of the project.

certification project management

We ensure the smoothest possible course of the entire process by certified WELL AP experts and at the same time project managers.
We try to ensure that projects are managed in a safe and efficient way, all within the set time and budget.
We will work closely with your project team to understand the individual goals of the project and the company, and thus be able to adapt the individual steps towards successful certification.
Projektový manažment pre WELL certifiká
Meranie kvality vnútorného prostredia kancelárie pre WELL certifiká

measurement of indoor environment parameters

As part of measuring the parameters of the indoor environment according to the requirements of the WELL standard, we offer you the following services performed by WELL audit experts:
WATER Turbidity, Coliform bacteria, Disinfectants
AIR PM2.5, PM10, Formaldehyde, VOC, Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Radon
THERMAL COMFORT Sensitive and average radiation temperature, Relative humidity
LIGHT Visual and circadian lighting
ACOUSTICS Background noise level, noise insulation class (NIC) and sound insulation (Dw), reverberation time (RT)

biophilic office design

We will design workspaces that are functional and modern in terms of demands for new ways of working, and at the same time contribute to health and well-being according to the principles of biophilic design and the WELL standard.
The office with the use of natural materials can significantly contribute to the psychological well-being of employees, to increase their creativity or even reduce the symptoms of sick building syndrome (SBS).
Our team will develop a design that supports DNA and meets the specific requirements of your company.
Biofilický dizajn v kancelá